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Keep calm and drink Vietnamese beer !

August 28, 2018

Ahh! Beer. What sounds and images does your mind conjure up when you see this word? Is it the clinking of glasses? The crisp crack and pop of a cold beer can being opened? The chatter and noise of a pub? Does a particular brand pop into your head? Maybe you don’t even like beer. I mean, I don’t. I prefer cider and sweeter tasting alcohol to get me buzzed. But a lot of people seem to disagree with me, and I mean, A LOT of people.




Clearly, the love for beer is universal, and the folks in Vietnam are no exception.



Source: Beer Journal (2016)


94% of all alcoholic beverages consumed in Vietnam is beer, that’s almost a monopoly.  That along with the lucrative prospects of the beer market in Vietnam means that many large conglomerates have been trying to penetrate and gain market share for many years ever since the country opened up, competing with many well-loved and cherished local brands such as Bia Saigon (Sabeco), Bia Hanoi (Habeco), Saigon Special, Halida,…to name a few.