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Fly me to the moon – with an elixir of immortality !

September 10, 2018

If you read our last post on Moon cake, where I confessed my singular, discriminatory love for sweet moon cakes, perhaps you are wondering – what else is there to this festival?


Say hello to my little friends – Chang’e The Moon Lady a.k.a Chị Hằng Nga and The Moon Boy a.k.a Chú Cuội , two mythical legends that are attached to the Mid-autumn Festival, making it larger than life and embedding meaning into the festival.

Most children in Vietnam are familiar with the stories of these two iconic characters whose images are the staple in promotional materials for any Mid-autumn related events or products.


Trivia: Pseudo celebrities and amateur models love cosplaying Hang Nga.



 Famous amateur model Lilly Luta. Source: baomoi.com


The legend of Hang Nga


An ancient depiction of Hang Nga. Source: Wikipedia


Hang Nga was an exceptio