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EASY Vietnamese Summer Roll Recipe

October 2, 2018

Autumn is here. The weather is getting colder, the air is chilly and clouds cover the sky. Here in Nottingham, we are feeling a little bit of autumn melancholy. We wanted to alleviate this gloominess, and because we are guilty of emotional eating, that is exactly how we plan to brighten our moods!


We thought, what better way to combat autumn melancholy than with… *drum roll please* SUMMER ROLLS *ba-dum-tss*.


Vietcentric's Fresh Summer Rolls


That’s right! We are giving away our recipes for free! This will be the first of a new occasional series of recipes for those who are unable to attend our cooking classes. Exotic and hard-to-find ingredients of recipes are also available on our web store so you won’t have to search high and low! Just click on the highlighted ingredient to go to our web store and purchase.


To give a little introduction, the Vietnamese summer roll is an iconic dish that’s loved around the world. It is super light, incredibly fresh, and perfect as a healthy snack or even a whole meal. It is also very easy AND fun to make. There’s even a vegan version, which we will get around to in our next recipe blog so don’t miss out!


The dish consists of 2 parts: the roll AND the sauce.


1. The roll




  • 100g vermicelli rice noodle or bean thread noodles